Browns Near Me


Browns is an upmarket Bar and Brasserie offering a relaxed atmosphere, quality fine food and drinks in atmospheric and elegant surroundings.

Food and drinks are served all day, from a hearty breakfast, bottomless brunch, afternoon tea or a full evening meal menu, all prepared and served in a prestigious and relaxing environment.

Step into the vibrant bar and choose from a selection of Beers, fine Wines, high grade Champagne or freshly hand-crafted Cocktails, premium and artisan Spirits

Enjoy a perfect meal and drinks within the main area or book a private dining room area, the perfect place for romantic occasion.

Whatever you have planned, a visit will set the stage for perfect timeout situation.

Browns restaurant keeps it simple with a smart-casual dress code. Leave the formal wear at home; you don't need suits or ties. Instead, opt for neat, clean attire, like collared shirts, nice jeans, and clean shoes. It's all about looking presentable and comfortable while savoring your dining experience at Browns.

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