Be At One Near Me

Be At One is a trendy Cocktail Bar with the party buzz to match. Shaking up the party with over 100 of the best cocktails to choose from. The movers and the shakers are here with cocktails to suit every occasion and banging music to match the vibe and get you in the party mood.

Book a table and choose from a host of signature cocktails from the the Menu, make the most of  Happy Hour. Wine and beers, shots and mixers all at the bar too. You can also have alcohol free versions of cocktails mixed to perfection.

It’s the perfect place to meet in trendy up market surroundings with your friends and colleagues after work or for other celebrations, or maybe just to party for partying sake!

Get the party started with the happiest of Happy Hours, get 2 for 1 on all cocktails when you book a table during Happy hour, on one condition…..You must be Happy.

At Be at One, think jeans, t-shirts, or your favorite casual outfits. Dress comfortably, be yourself, and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere without any need for fancy attire. Just come in your regular, everyday clothes.

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